BMW’s 2018 G310GS Review: The Great Power with Flexible Use


Make sure to get the detailed information when you read BMW’s 2018 G310GS review. It is probably difficult to believe that Beemer would also be focusing on developing an offroad bike, considering that they have made a pretty solid name in the auto industry. But as you can expect from the company, they are able to create a solid, promising, and satisfying bike without draining your money. They are able to create something super plush and powerful without overdoing it.


About G310GS in Perspective

When we are talking about G310GS, we would unconsciously compare it to the flagship product from Beemer, which is the R1200GS. As the flagship product, it is pretty understandable if everyone is hoping to get the best from the unit. With expensive, comfortable, big, and capable ride, such a standard is pretty enough to describe what the R1200GS would look like.


Despite all the greatest features, it can be intimidating. Most people would be interested in the bike but not all of them would be capable of buying the bike. But you can be sure that the GS line is one of the most reliable and promising line in the industry. This is one of the many reasons why Beemer is thinking about expanding the line to w bigger market with a more accessible (and affordable) access.


And voila! They come up with G310GS for the 2018 model. If you read the BMW’s 2018 G310GS review, you will see that this lightweight single cylinder bike has been awaited for quite a long time. The adventure bike is coming with low cost arrangement and multi surface usages. This creates a more accessible feature with affordable tag price. The G310GS design is inspired by the roadster G310R – the explanation for the single cylinder arrangement, with front intake and rear exhaust. This is the arrangement that is able to control the cost, keeping it down.


All the Good Things

If you take a good look at the design, you will see a mighty good looking unit with all the right features and technologies. The bike has good and low gravity center, thanks to the engine packaging and also design. When it is paired with the shorter exhaust and direct (as well as efficient) intake, the overall performance and achievement is just superb. Don’t worry about having bulky or heavy collector box as you won’t find such a thing. The bike has short pipe and small displacement, and they prefer using the catalytic converter to do the work. In the end, this bike is able to deliver 33.5 hp of power. Not bad, huh?


Based on BMW’s 2018 G310GS review, the bike itself is compact and small – but not super small, mind you. The design, size, and dimension seem good enough to accommodate all kinds of riders, delivering easiness and flexibility in the ride. With 32.8 inch for the seat height, this bike certainly delivers all the good things – whatever you can expect from a reliable bike. The bike is super great for beginner riders because of its easy to manage features, including light clutch pull, friendly response for the ABS brakes, and also positive gearbox action. The suspension is tuned on the softer area, managing well with the bumpy road so you will remain comfortable during harsh terrain. Tall riding position is great to provide access to the surrounding area. In the overall sense, GS line gives you a dominant feeling – something unusual for the entry level unit.


The bike’s 370 pounds weight is running well with the bigger front wheel and longer suspension. The suspension has been tuned and set for travel convenience while the front wheels are offroad friendly, offering convenient usage. The small screen is pretty handy as windbreaker. Riders who have traveled and tested this bike claim that they can control this unit happily and they really enjoy the ride.


Pros and Cons

Playing with the power and throttle is nice – as long as you don’t go over 7,500 rpm. Unfortunately, once you go over the boundary, you will notice the vibration, especially the pegs. If you go higher, the vibration will be even harder. So, keep your speedometer less than 80 and then you will be just fine. This is the info you get from BMW’s 2018 G310GS review.


However, the engine is smooth and nice – after all, this one is designed for a relaxed and laid-back ride. The 33.5 hp of power is powerful and strong enough because it is able to create even bigger outcome. And the good thing about this bike is the fact that it is bigger than 310R.


Despite all of the good things about the bike, the nonadjustable levers is one of the beneficial features. Not to mention that it needs wider mirrors with lumpier feel on low rpm setting. If you want to learn more, read BMW’s 2018 G310GS review in details and enjoy the greatest comfort you can imagine.

BMW’s 2018 G310GS Review: The Great Power with Flexible Use
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