Big Battle at Scottsdale EnduroCross 2017


It was a big win for FMF KTM rider, Cody Webb, after he was able to secure his position on the first place by winning the show. This would be his straight four winning during Scottsdale Law Tigers EnduroCross, winning the bracket race and the qualifier, as well as reaching the maximum points for his achievement.


His win wasn’t given for granted as he had to deal with tough competitors like Trystan Hart, from SRT Husqvarna, and Ty Tremaine, from FMF Maxxis KTM. It was too bad that Colton Haaker was absent from the event because of his injury because his presence would have made the battle even more lively and sparkling. The winners for the men category of this EnduroCross were Cody Webb on the first position, followed by Trystan Hart on the second, and Ty Tremaine on the third.


All of the performance was right, including Webb that had started the race quite well. But when he had a small incident where his fingers were smashed on the marker, he was a bit worried that it might affect his performance, especially his grip. But his concern was worn off as he managed to secure his winning and his top spot. Webb was able to beat the trio from SRT Racing of Cory Graffunder, Hart, and Kyle Redmond.

cody webb
cody webb

The brackets race took place in a single lap and twelve riders had to face the challenge. It was a pretty great show, where the major battle happened on the second round. Hart managed to beat Webb right on the first turn and then the two of them clawed their way to the final finish. Webb had the heart and determination to push out Hart and claim his winning. Due to his winning, the final set out Webb and Redmond where Webb had another winning and secured the bonus point that day.


The spectators would not likely forget the scene where the straight off start resulted in Webb leading the pack. Hart was following close by and soon, it was a battle between the two of them. Unfortunately, Hart finally lost the determination and finished the second, 19 seconds later, after Webb.


The battle for the third position was going down easy either. Redmond had the third spot first but then Tremaine was able to pass him on the third round. For the big five spots, it was Webb on the first, Hart on the second, and Tremaine on the third. The top five was rounded by Redmond on the fourth and Graffunder on the fifth.


The win had made Webb gained and secured his position on the first position, beating Hart 28 points over. The second position originally belonged to Haaker but it was taken over by Hart. It seems that Haaker may settle on the third spot but it is now unclear whether he would be able to finish the session. Redmond stays on the fourth position currently and Tremaine is on the fifth.


Meanwhile, GasGas Spain rider, Joan Pau Segura was able to finish on the sixth position, followed by Noah Kepple, another rider from GasGas. Max Gerston from Beta and Ty Cullins followed on the eighth and ninth. Cooper Abbott completes the race on the tenth spot. For position 11th to 15th it was for Eric Rhoten, followed by Spenser Wilton and then Wally Palmer; rounded by Quincc Wentzel and Geoff Aaron respectively.


EnduroCross is also held for women’s event, and KTM rider, Shelby Turner, won the first place. It would be Turner’s fourth winning for this season. Following Turner was Morgan Tanke from Beta and Kacy Martinez from KTM.


For the overall retrospect, it was a great race for both men and women category. It was a great battle for the riders and hopefully the same thing is happening all through the season.

Big Battle at Scottsdale EnduroCross 2017
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