The Big 6 Round up Hungry Valley


Zach Bell may be a rookie but it doesn’t mean that he can’t do anything about it. Within his rookie season, he managed to score two winning in a row and a total of four winning within this year. By winning the Big 6 Prospectors MC Grand Prix, Bell was definitely making a statement. Zach may be the replacement rider for Colton Udall but he was able to prove that his skills are real.


Colton Udall was injured before the first race so Bell had to step in, starting off his off-road career. Since Udall was injured, Ox Motorsport team hasn’t had the dominant rider, leading to the team choosing Bell. It turned out that they hadn’t made the wrong decision since Bell was able to show his true ability in the off-road event.  


Despite the fact that Bell excelled in the entire race, Trevor Stewart was always tailing close by. In fact, the JCR’s rider was making some achievements himself. As the two riders were able to score the similar lap times, Stewart was 10 seconds behind Bell. It was a good battle; Stewart stole the position when Bell was going for the gas but he lost it again when he was going for the gas himself.


Bell and Stewart weren’t the only riders with impressive show and skills. Eric Yorba from RMP was showing another impressive show when he was going on one on one battle with Blayne Thompson. It was unfortunate for Thompson to suffer from mechanical problem, causing him to drop out from the race.


And then Yorba went for the second place, challenging Stewart for it. Yorba’s ambition had gone from third to second after Thompson was out. The battle was pretty intense and it was going on seriously, especially in the last final laps. Yorba was closing in on Stewart who was chasing after Bell. And when they finished the lap, they were only seconds apart.


On the fourth place, Justin Seeds was showing off his impressive skills. The overall performance was flawless and mistake-free. But then again, he was quite alone on the fifth spot before he moved on to the fourth place after Thompson was out.

The same impressive performance and flawless quality was shown by Beau Baron, known for his impressive good ride. All thorough the year, Baron has been dealing with Mitch Anderson for the title Pro 2. Unfortunately, Anderson got hurt and he was injured, causing Baron to step it up a notch. Baron definitely makes use of this opportunity by winning the Pro 2 class and title, as well as securing the fifth spot on the West Coast overall Grand Prix.


On the sixth spot, there was Clay Hengeveld, with impressive performance all through the year. In every Big 6 GP, he was able to finish either second or third. In Pro 2 race, he was closing in on Baron. And for this event, he was only 6 seconds late behind Baron. It was too bad that he had missed several rounds as well.


Within the same weekend, there are different classes and events, and Gordon Ward was able to fulfill his ambition to win different and separated age groups – three of them. So far, he was able to secure a position on 50 Expert, 40 Expert, and also 30 Expert. He has a perfect score in the 40 and 50 Expert classes although the 30 Expert is different.


He finished fourth this week, after Kendall Norman, Robby Bell, and Ryan Reyna, although he has been winning five rounds of the so-far seven events. He only has one round left, and the odds that he will likely win remain big. If he manages to win it, he will be the first ride from District 37 that wins 3 different groups within one season.

The Big 6 Round up Hungry Valley
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