Which Is Better? 2018 Kawasaki KX250F or 2018 Suzuki RM-Z250


It is better to be prepared than lose the race. Since 2018 250 cc MX Shootout is getting closer, it is time to pick the best bike for the competition. The best way to find suitable bike is by comparing them. Two of the models of 250Fs at 2018 are bike by Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Compared to the previous model, the latest model of Kawasaki KX250 got several redesigning. The changes can be found in several components of the bike including the engine. The most notable change is suspension system on both sides of this bike.

In other hand, you will not be able to find changes on the Suzuki RM-Z250. The only thing changed on this model is none other than the cosmetics addition. Let’s see how riders are reacting to those bikes.

A 19-year old rider named as Michael Wicker has his own opinion about it. The seat of Suzuki RM-Z250 is comfortable. The slim dimension of the bike improves the agility. Unfortunately, pulling the clutch is not as easy as it was before. Meanwhile, the power output of the motor is slower.

Wicker said that he is mostly comfortable when the bike is installed with KYB PSF2 air fork. It makes the appearance smoother. As for the performance, the bike becomes more aggressive.

Even though Wicker is young rider, he is able to handle the bike just fine. He is capable of performing several movements with the bike. Bottom line, the bike has great handling and suspension. Unfortunately, the power output still can be improved.

In the other hand, Kawasaki KX250F does a great job on the bar placement. That makes the seat looked slimmer. Unfortunately, forks plushest are not provided on this model. That being said, the braking process is consistent.

Engine wise, this bike has powerful power output and smooth performance. Small adjustment might be required in order to improve the powerful specification of the bike.

Wicker is able to handle KX250F easily. You will be able to see how the fork works when the bike is used in aggressive mode. Performing maneuvers and riding tricks are not a big problem when you use the bike. Bottom line, Kawasaki KX250F is able to make the rider feel comfortable after the first try.

Comparing the bikes side by side, you can see that the suspension and handling are tricky. The suspension of RM-Z250 is better with combination of KYB shock and KYB PSF2 fork. This combination is mostly good on rough terrain. Wicker likes it when the suspension has smoother adjustment.

Andrew Oldar, 26-year old rider has different opinion about the bikes. According to Oldar, the bike has their respective advantages over the other. In general, Kawasaki is good in many components while Suzuki is good in some components and lacking in some other components.

The engine of RM-Z250 still can be upgraded. The engine performance of this bike is not suitable with his preference.

In other hand, engine of KX250 has more throttle response than RM-X250. The only downside of this engine is the exhaust system. Some improvements might be needed to boost its performance. That being said, engine on KX250 still stronger than RM-Z250.

The front suspension of RM-Z250 is harsh while the rear is rather plush. The forks do not make it more comfortable either. It does great job on harder impact, yet getting worse on down hills.

It seems that the fork of KX250F focuses on the performance, while the RM-Z250 tends toward the comfort. Most importantly, the shock is capable of keeping the line stability. Meanwhile the suspension of KX250F feels better in comparison to RM-Z250.

Which Is Better? 2018 Kawasaki KX250F or 2018 Suzuki RM-Z250
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