Best Trail Riding Dirt Bikes for Beginners Options And Tips


It is pretty normal when people want to know the best trail riding dirt bikes for beginners, especially if they want to try it. Not all riders start from the childhood – some of them may start from teen or even adulthood. Whatever your earliest riding experience is, knowing the right bike should help. But make sure that you find one that suits your needs and requirements.

The Basic Preparation

Best Trail Riding Dirt Bikes
Best Trail Riding Dirt Bikes

Not all riders start from childhood so it is a good thing that some bikes are designed with the right features and specs for adults. Of course, there are some basic things that you need to consider and prepare.

  • It would be a good idea to choose a full size bike with the right wheel dimensions. 21 inch for the front and 18 inch for the back would be ideal. But there is also another option for the 19 inch for the front and 16 inch for the back for smaller riders.
  • It is advisable to use the four stroke engine with some of the safety features
  • It would be best to go with the electric starter – simply because dealing with the kickstarter is fussy. Well, unless you want to and you don’t mind with the extra load, then sticking to the electric one would be a good idea.
  • It is smart to start with 250cc engine. If you are new to this, having the 450cc of power can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. You don’t want to start with a stressful moment so play it safe and choose the 250cc.
  • It would be a good idea to start with a bike that is worth less than $5000 so it won’t hurt your finance too much.

Some of the Potential Candidates

Now that you already know about the basic preparation, it is time to continue to the next level – finding out the best trail riding dirt bikes for beginners. The first one is KLX140G from Kawasaki, coming with some of the beginner-friendly features. It has the air cooled SOHC two valve four stroke engine with 140cc strength and spacious chassis. The bike has 21 inch wheels on the front and 18 inch on the back. It is not too tall either, allowing riders to have a solid step whenever they want to plant the feet to achieve balance. It also comes with the electric start so there is really no hassle.

Kawasaki KLX140G
Kawasaki KLX140G

Another one is PR4 AJP Enduro 240. AJP is a brand from Portuguese and the brand itself has been quite popular over the last few years. Most of the products are perfect for trail or beginner riders. This one is coming with four stroke oil/ir cooling system and 233 cc of engine. The ride my be included as one of the best trail riding dirt bikes for beginners but it may not be suitable for public use because it doesn’t meet EPA and CARB specs. The thing to like about this bike is the adjustable suspension on the front and also back that is perfect to accommodate different riding skills and weights of the riders.

Other Potential Brands

Those two brands and variants are probably perfect for beginners but there are also other names that should be included in the list. The CT200U Coleman, for instance, has a super simple construction. Its speed is just as slow as the lawn mower and the construction is basic. With maximum speed reaching only 24 mph, you won’t have to worry about your safety.

Another option is CRF150F from Honda which is a family-version of the racing bike. It is a perfect option when you want the whole family to take part in the dirt bike experience. There are other brands and names that you can try although they may not included in the best trail riding dirt bikes for beginners list.


Best Trail Riding Dirt Bikes for Beginners Options And Tips
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