Best Motocross Helmet under 200: Some of the Examples


If you are into motocross so much, you probably want to know the list of the best motocross helmet under 200. Helmet is one of the main protective gears in the industry. Damage can happen to your bike and you can replace it, but what about the damage to your head? Will you be able to find an extra head?


Knowing the different brands with different features will definitely help. Today’s helmets come with better durability, comfort, and also added safety features – if it is used for motocross or offroad activities. Of course, it would be better if you can check the different features and choose one fitting your needs. Just because you need an extra protection and safety, it doesn’t always mean that you should spend more than $1000 for a single piece.


Some of the Trusted Brands

You’d be surprised to know that there is a long list of the best motocross helmet under 200. Despite the fact that they are quite affordable, these helmets shouldn’t be taken for granted because they are super handy and they do help.

  • O’Neal Wingman 2015 5 Series. It costs less than $120, with ABS/polycarbonate shell construction, adjustable visor, and multiple air vents
  • MX-9 Bell Tagger Scrub. It costs less than $180, with polycarbonate shell, DOT certification, three different EPS and shell sizes, and integrated roost vented guard.
  • MAV-2 2016 MSR Carbon Effect. It costs less than $170 with molded injection polycarbonate, nine exhaust vents and intake, SilverCool padding for moisture wicking ability.


Making the Choice

When it comes to choosing the right helmet for you, the implementation is more difficult because you also need to consider your safety and other features. What are the considerations you have to make, aside from the fact that you want to have one of the best motocross helmet under 200?

  • The materials. Helmets are made from different materials, resulting in different quality, safety rating, comfort, and also weight. For instance, the fiberglass composite is more expensive than the polycarbonate because it is more flexible and not easily crushed. The carbon fiber is the most expensive type because it is the lightest and also the most expensive one. It is able to distribute energy when impacted.
  • Weight. How heavy do you want the helmet to be? A full face is generally lighter than the modular type.
  • Comfort and features. Today’s helmets come with various features, such as wind reduction measure, communication line, integrated sunshade, and such thing alike
  • Safety features. You can benefit from the technology such as cheek pad emergency system or MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) that can offer more protection to your head.


In the end, the decision to choose the best and also the most ideal helmet lies within your hand. Your safety is the number one priority – you shouldn’t take it for granted. When you are able to adjust your preference with the ongoing features and existing brand, you should be able to find the right item. Having the list of the best motocross helmet under 200 is handy because it gives you the chance to expand your option.

Best Motocross Helmet under 200: Some of the Examples
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