Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket Brands: Facts about Leather


You are probably thinking about browsing the best leather motorcycle jacket brands only when you want to get the best item out of your purchase. Sure, it is fun to ride your bike, enjoying your freedom while letting the wind blow your face gently. But then again, you need to protect yourself. And amongst the many protective gears available out there – helmet, shoes, boots, gloves – the jacket is one of the most popular things that most riders have.


Understanding the Functionality

You need to remember that choosing a jacket depends greatly on your personal needs. Some people like to keep themselves protected and warm during the windy trip. Some, however, prefer the carefree mode where they may only wear the T-shirts and jeans and even cowboy boots. It is not a matter of the best leather motorcycle jacket brands and how you spend the money for pride. It is mostly about comfort. How you should remain comfortable while protecting yourself at the same time.


You want something that can make you stay warm when it is cold outside, or vice versa – you want something that can make you cool when it is scorching hot. You want something that keeps you dry although it is soaking wet. And most importantly, you want something that can protect you along the way despite the bumps, the scratches, and everything in between.


Choosing the Best Leather Jacket

There is no doubt that leather is one of the best materials for motorcycle jacket. But you should remember that there are different kinds of leather jackets and choosing the one fitting your need will improve your comfort. For a starter, there are 3 different grades types: buffalo hide, pigskin, and cowhide.

  • Cowhide is the most common materials to make riding jackets.
  • Buffalo hide is pretty durable because of the thickness
  • Pigskin is the softer type. It is more flexible because it isn’t as thick as the buffalo hide. It is great for winter jackets, keeping you warm when it is chilly. But pigskin isn’t exactly the best material for riding jackets.


There are also the different grains, which refer to the animal skin’s outer layer. This is the layer where durability and fiber strength are needed. There are also 3 different grains:

  • Top grain. This is the quality where the originality of the material has been removed or sanded, possibly to hide the defect or imperfection.
  • Full grain. This is the top natural quality where everything remains intact and natural
  • Naked. It is the basic and raw quality. It will wear off better and naturally, improving by the years. This is the ultimate grade, which means that it is the costliest one. If you want to have the best leather motorcycle jacket brands with this quality, be prepared to spend extra.


Don’t forget that you should also consider about armor, proper ventilation for breathable quality, the lining, and also flexibility. Those are the elements that will determine your requirements from a motorcycle jacket. If you already know what you want, then you can start browsing for the best leather motorcycle jacket brands.


Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket Brands: Facts about Leather
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