5 Ways on How to Get Over the Fear of Jumping a Dirt Bike


So, how to get over the fear of jumping a dirt bike? It is pretty normal for beginner riders to get jittery and scared when they are learning how to jump with the dirt bike, but if they don’t overcome the fear, they won’t be able to progress to the next step. Again, being scared is humane – even professional riders are still scared when they have to perform big jumps. But the issue is about handling your fear and being able to control it.

The Mental Obstacle

Get Over the Fear of Jumping a Dirt Bike
Get Over the Fear of Jumping a Dirt Bike

In learning the way of how to get over the fear of jumping a dirt bike, it is all related to the mental state and condition. Fear is one of the most basic human characteristics and it is not easy to overcome. When you have never tried something before and you know it is going to be risky, it is pretty normal if you are feeling scared. But think of it like this: It is going to worth it. The excitement when you are able to soar high above is worth every effort. But then again, it should be coming from you – not everyone else – because it is you who is going to going through the challenges.

One of the ways to overcome to the mental obstacle is to get prepared. If you are prepared, you will be confident. When you are confident, the fear can be set aside. Basically, if you are confident about yourself, managing the fear will be possible – even easy. But then again, it should come from within. Getting prepared is to tread the water carefully and thoroughly. You want to start small and slow. You don’t want to rush things – it won’t worth the risks and dangers. Try with the step-up first. It can be even scary for a first timer, but once you handle it, you will want more and more.

Mental challenge can’t be solved overnight – it takes time, efforts, and persistence. That’s why it is advisable that you shouldn’t try jumping when you are completely new to the world. You want to get used to the driving, and you want to achieve confidence.

The Technical Tips

Besides the mental obstacle, you also want to think about some of the technical skills and methods. Here are some handy tips that you can use about how to get over the fear of jumping a dirt bike.

  • Comfort is your number one priority. When you are comfy, you don’t get panic-ky and you can manage things easily – in fact, you can improvise on your own. You want to balance the weight on the footpegs instead of the seat or the bars. When you have to sit or stand, having a balanced position enables you to control the condition, including your body backward and forward.
  • It helps to rotate the ankles or heels so you can feel the bike pivot under you. Somehow, it gives you a better grip. But again, this kind of skill will take time, so make sure that you are comfortable first with your bike and its position.
  • Once you get the hang of it, try riding the bike in a different harsh condition first, such as acceleration or deceleration, downhill, uphill, corners, and such thing alike. It would be a good idea to try the rough terrains because you will meet small bumps, which can help with your jumping start-effort. Make sure that your position is solid and you are comfortable doing it. The rest should be easy.

In the end, the most important thing is to clear up your head first. Once the mental obstacle is solved, moving forward to other progresses should be easy. That’s the basic on how to get over the fear of jumping a dirt bike.


5 Ways on How to Get Over the Fear of Jumping a Dirt Bike
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