2018 Yamaha YZ250X: The Combined Power and Weight


When we are talking about 2018 Yamaha YZ250X, we are talking about an offroad bike with two stroke system and flexible movement. This bike has been claimed as an ultimate racing machine, designed to win crossroad events and championships. With this special specification in mind, it is not surprising if the bike is stated to conquer sandy and rough terrain smoothly, especially with all the designed specification and features.


The Special Design in Mind

Somehow, the popularity of endure and cross country racing is increasing lately, resulting in the more productive work of the offroad bike manufacturers. Because of the fast growth of cross country bikes, Yamaha decided that they are going to produce the X line. The idea was based on the legendary two stroke YZ250 that has achieved all the positive feedback and premium quality. And when Yamaha decided that they were going to develop the X line, they were using all of their knowledge in two stroke department, meaning to produce a promising item. In the end, the 2018 Yamaha YZ250X is coming with high performance level, even for the cross country setting.


There are a lot of things to like about this vehicle, anyway. With a compact machine and lightweight structure, you can see (and understand) why this unit is the champion. The engine itself is affordable enough to maintain and buy, and it offer exciting and fun riding experience.


Power and Performance

Lightweight and power are great combination and this is one of the key strength from YZ250X. The two stroke power and torque are super impressive – they won’t let you down. When you pair them up with the lightweight construction, you get a champion bike. It is a good thing that the expert engineers are tweaking the compression rate, the cylinder head, the gear ratios, and also the exhaust port timing to improve power. Thanks to the five speed transmission, the bike can achieve a better cross country ability. Not only it is about a strong engine character, it is also about a better depth in terms of strength.


When such an impressive power is matched to firm and yet soft suspension, you get a comfortable ride that won’t disappoint anyone. Thanks to the specially designed chassis, with its softer suspension and yet firm grip, located on the back and the front, you have a plush ride – with a road of power that will deliver magnificent outcome. The chassis arrangement is nice, including the suspension, a better puncture resistant tire with its 18 inch side, a fuel petcock, the aluminum side stands, and also a reserve solid position.

Yamaha YZ250X
Yamaha YZ250X

The Key Strength

So, what can you expect from this 2018 Yamaha YZ250X, anyway? First of all, this is a bike inspired by the legendary two stroke YZ250 that is known for its power. And for this new design, there are some additional specs and features, definitely handy for cross country race. With retuned engine on the ignition, head, and porting – as well as wider ratio transmission with the third gar and higher – having this bike is certainly nice. Not to mention that there are more to enjoy from this bike, including the heavy duty clutch, reserve on off fuel petcock, unique suspension settings on the front and back, expansion chamber shape, rugged and sturdy chain guide, folding lever shift tip, aggressive bodywork, slim and rugged design.


Since the YZ250 has been known for its solid power and strength, the X line has followed suit. The two stroke power is impressive, perfect for hare scrambles and cross-country race. Thanks to the two stroke 249cc engine, paired with five speed transmission, reaching for power boost and cross country performance is super easy. The aluminum frame is responsible for the lightweight feature.


The 2018 Yamaha YZ250X has a nice combination of aluminum forgings, extrusions, and castings that are responsible for the perfect flexibility and rigidity. The frame may be lightweight but it doesn’t mean that it is cheesy or lousy. With engineered industry grade and adjustable KYB suspension spring, you can have an offroad bike with specially adjusted tuning system.


You need to remember that the cross country bike should have a good balance of firmness, solidity, flexibility, and power. And because the 2018 Yamaha YZ250X already has the heritage power from YZ250, Yamaha is tuning the aggressive elements of the ride, by creating a distinctive design visible through rear brake protector and front side fender. And since the elements are made according to GNCC specification, be prepared to see O-ring sealed chain, Rear wheels in 18 inches, narrow expansion chamber, wide ration transmission, and suspension setting.

Moreover, the front disc brake with 270mm dimension is paired with premium pad material that supports performance and perfect machine control. In the end, you can expect great control as well as stopping power – all designed for greater outcome. Powerful and promising 2018 Yamaha YZ250X features, right?

2018 Yamaha YZ250X: The Combined Power and Weight
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