2018 Suzuki RM85: One of the Good Items from Suzuki


If you are wondering about the good things 2018 Suzuki RM85 is able to deliver to you, you probably should get further info about the unit especially looking into the great specs that only Suzuki can provide. Don’t underestimate the design that may look like the old school bike. Once you check the specs and the features, you will see that this bike has a lot of impressive greatness to offer. It would be a pride to have one of these units in your possession.


Championship Quality

Suzuki is known as one of the world class brands in terms of power, performance, and quality. Is racing quality included? You bet it is! Within the construction and design of 2018 Suzuki RM85, you will find championship caliber with its powerful strength, impressive design, and functional features. The package may be sleek and somewhat looking compact but you shouldn’t underestimate the hidden power within.


The engine is a two stroke unit that is able to deliver smooth and yet punchy power – no matter whatever rpm you are at. The main focus is on the lower to mid range quality. This factor alone has offered a good flexibility that only several bikes have, including Suzuki RM-Z, RM85’s cousin. However, you should remember that RM-Z is a bigger with bigger engine. But when it comes to impressive power delivery with world-class handle, this unit is definitely the right option. Whether you are a beginner in this world or you are an advanced and skilled rider, this bike can perform wonderful tricks and seasoned specialty.


Another thing to like about this bike is the lightweight control and the impressive power range. This combination alone can create a wonderful sensation where you will gain the confidence to tame the beast easily. This is a perfect bike if you want to learn to race – that’s why it is also designed as a unit for the newbie. But then again, if you are ambitious enough to win the race, then you should pick the right bike – and this bike is one of the most reliable items within your possession.

Suzuki RM85
Suzuki RM85

The Key Strength and Features

Naturally, you will have to own the skills and also the determination to win, especially for the top number one spot. It won’t be easy but it gets easier and simpler if you have the right accompaniment. And this 2018 Suzuki RM85 will be the answer to your prayers. According to most  racing experts, this bike has all of the important features. Great power with nice torque. Razor sharp and responsive handle. Quick response and safe braking. For those people, these aren’t the regular features you can expect from the regular bike. These are the factors that determine the difference of seeing the world from the podium and from a regular spot. Depending on your preference, you should be able to know the correct answer.  


Everything New

So, what can you expect from the new bike, anyway? First of all, you can expect a new color for the body panel, inspired by the spirit of competition and adventure. The seat color as well as the graphics are somewhat aligning to the new RM-Z450. Is it appealing and attractive? Yes, it is. Will you be able to see it from afar? With such a catchy and standout design, how come you not to?


From the engine section, you can get the so-called CDI digital mapping which will produce the strongest power during high rpm. When you combine it with the two stroke high revving liquid cool unit with 84.7 cc with 48.0 x 46.8 mm stroke and bore single cylinder unit, you will definitely get a nice performance with smooth delivery. The cylinder engine itself has the SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) feature with its low weight, better durability, and also improved heat transfer. In the end, you can expect a smooth performance without compromising power.


And don’t forget about the aluminum exhaust valves, designed to accommodate the cylinder expansion rate, affecting the seal for improved performance. The actuator and governor valve are responsible for the entire tractability as well as the throttle response. When it is paired with the Keiihin precise PE28 carburetor, the throttle response won’t be jumpy or harsh. On the contrary, it will be smooth and simplified. In the end, it will affect tuning and maintenance.


The details on every aspect of 2018 Suzuki RM85 are the ones responsible for the smooth delivery of power as well as efficiency. With powerful transmission (with the refined shit mechanism), impressive and solid steel frame in tubular form, and many more, don’t be surprised if this one has all the promising features.


This isn’t only an offroad bike; it is a mighty offroad unit with all the right features and handle that will make everything smooth. So, ready to try the 2018 Suzuki RM85.

2018 Suzuki RM85: One of the Good Items from Suzuki
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