2018 Kawasaki KX250F Review: The Improved Performance and Power


Based on 2018 Kawaski KX250F review, this bike has come with all the major updates and revisions. For the 2018 model, this would be the second generation of their motocross lines. They have made quite an impressive update back then with their 2017 model so what’s left for the 2018 upgrade? Well, it seems that Kawasaki still have some greater strength left for the improvement, especially focusing on suspension and engine.


It has been confirmed that the upgrades focusing on the engine are designed to boost power and also torque within the rev ranges. Moreover, the suspension is designed to improve the overall compliance. Don’t be fooled by the appearance which looks similar to the last year’s model. In fact, the visible external update is the header pipe, but it is also restricted to the eagle eye only with wider header pipe – around 3mm – and also longer pipe (around 30mm). Once you have the chance to ride it, you will see (and feel) the difference.


The Most Current Updates

If you read 2018 Kawaski KX250F review, you will see that updates on the engine covers the fuel pump, throttle body along with the less vertical mounting injector angle, shorter intake funnel, the intake duct, the intake camshaft, the cylinder head design, the header pipe, and the revised ECU settings.


Suspension setting is also changed, and the updates are happening on the front and also back side. On the front side, Kawasaki is using Showa SFF (Separate Function Fork) that has softer spring on the right fork. On the left fork, you can expect a new shim compression setting, rebound shim setting, and also BCV shim setting. On the back side, the updates are covering compression shim setting, the plug bolt setting, and the rebound shim setting. Naturally, the changes on the suspension are designed to improve comfort and bouncy effect. For the 2018 model, it becomes softer so it won’t be too hard or rigid without making it super mushy or excessively plush.

Kawaski KX250F
Kawaski KX250F


More Power

During the test, it is quite clear that this bike comes with linear powerband. There isn’t any lack of any certain area. The power seems to be distributed very nicely and evenly. You can actually feel the balance of the power. It offers great flexible and versatile outcome – feel free to ride it the way you want it. If you want to stay bouncy off the trail, feel free to do so. If you want to use the low power with the shorter shift, you can also manage it.


You can say that this bike offers a luxurious and very versatile driving comfort. There is no hassle or fuss. There is no need to have excessive control or too much handle for it. In short, you don’t have to struggle with your bike just to be able to tame it down.


Keep in mind, though, that you may have to pop the clutch when using the bike in too low rpm. And don’t forget that you need to have an aggressive coupler when you deal with sandy and soft dirt. But then again, this bike offers a very easiness and flexibility in switching the power so it should be an added bonus. With the switching simplicity, you won’t have to worry about any terrain – whatever course or terrains you are dealing with, you should be able to tackle them smoothly. Based on many feedbacks and 2018 Kawaski KX250F review, the smooth shifting is one of the things to like about this bike. It is truly nice to have such a comforting feature in this motocross unit.


If you test the suspension, the firm fork is noticeable when you start the stroke but it does well for the obstacles and the braking bumps, even during hard landings. It is bouncy and nice, but some people may find it too hard or stiff. But then again, the fork is able to do a nice job by soaking up the bumps and landings, and it feels super nice to the overall riding comfort and performance. Softening the fork can really improve the comfort but even if it doesn’t happen, the bike will still do well.


Final Words

Reading the 2018 Kawaski KX250F review can help you get more insight and knowledge about the overall performance of the bike. The suspension, for instance, is doing fine but no one knows what will happen to it when it deals with rougher terrain. It is also nice if the bike can be lighter on the front side while the back side can have a better squat position.


All in all, you can really enjoy the nimble performance of KX250F. Kawasaki has done a great job with the improvements, considering that they have done the same last year. Having the knowledge about this bike is truly helpful in making you decide, especially after you read 2018 Kawaski KX250F review.

2018 Kawasaki KX250F Review: The Improved Performance and Power
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