2018 Honda CRF450R Review: A Punchy Performance


Based on 2018 Honda CRF450R review, you can tell that this bike gets some of the most updated changes and improvements. Everything is designed to boost the look as well as outcome of the ride. According to the company, Honda has done some of the major revisions that includes suspension on the rear shock and front fork, along with different engine arrangement, electric start, and ECU settings – of course, the new one. It is expected that the updates will improve the performance of CRF450R to the higher level when compared to the previous lines.


The Newest Revisions

One of the major updates happening to this CRF450R is the li-ion battery for the electric starter. According to Andrew Short, the ambassador for Honda, this is the similar battery being used on the racing team bikes. But since the electric start is being used, the kickstarter level is removed so there is none for the bike.


Besides the inclusion of electric starter, along with the power being used, expect other things include ECU setting, stiffer suspension, engine hangers, and some other small details. One of the easiest visibly factor from the change is the ECU settings. If you read 2018 Honda CRF450R review, you will see that the bottom power of this 2018 model is different from the 2017 model, in terms that it is not as punchy as before.


According to some users, the 2018’s bottom power isn’t as snappy as before, especially when coming out from the corners, but it is the great part because it feels somewhat safer and the bike doesn’t seem to want to ‘escape’ from you. For some people, the changes that Honda has made are quite clever and smart. With the smooth balance of the entire strength as well as the overall power distribution, the rpm range is somewhat smoother. In the end, it helps the bikers in many ways. It reduces the possibility of fatigue as well as making it easier to ride around. In short, tackling the corners as well as making an exit out of it is super easy and predictable now.


Honda CRF450R
Honda CRF450R

Power Changes

The ECU maps are somewhat the same and yet there are also different changes about it. The same power remains but there are three different modes being made to it. The first mode is the standard and it is pretty basic. The second one is mellower when compared to the first one while the third one is the most aggressive. The second mellow one creates an easier setting for riding – you can gain better control and handle very nicely with this planning. The reason is because of the power isn’t as snappy and harder as before.


If you are looking for more power, the third one will suit you well. This setting is perfect for professional and advanced biker. It takes more control – and definitely will be more difficult to handle but this is the kind of strength that most professional bikers want. If you are new to the field, you would want to start off with the standard one. Go easy on it and then work your way up, and then you can try different kinds of modes – just to challenge yourself.


As if the changes on the engine aren’t enough, Honda is updating the suspension too. The setting is stiffer now, and it affects the performance on the field. You can expect easier handle and control when dealing with the corners and turns. During the test, the biker is able to perform nicely on corners and the suspension is proven to deliver quite a nice bouncy effect without making it too mushy or plush. The setting is somewhat firm and yet quite accommodative to make the biker sit tall through the obstacles and turns. So, if you are referring to 2018 Honda CRF450R review, you can see that Honda has made the right decision with the improved stiffer suspension.


It seems that chassis functionality and engine hangers are working together in the most harmonious way. The new one has improved flexibility covering all the areas on the track. Does it create stable outcome? Yes, it does. Does it make the bike less vibrancy? Yes, it does. The hangers enable the bike to become softer with less rigidity and vibration, and yet the improved handle and riding enjoyment have affected the overall quality.



Based on the 2018 Honda CRF450R review, the electric starter is a true convenience. It makes everything simpler and easier. But there is a special mechanism for the operation and the system has actually added the extra weight for the bike’s construction. For some people, 5 pounds extra may not be too much but for some, it is quite significant.


In the overall sense, this new model from Honda has a promising quality with all the right improvements in the right area. If you read the 2018 Honda CRF450R review, you will see that most people are quite satisfied with the new performance.

2018 Honda CRF450R Review: A Punchy Performance
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