2018 Honda CRF250R Review: What to Expect from the Bike


If you read 2018 Honda CRF250R review, you will see that Honda has made some interesting improvements and updates. One of the most significant and visible changes is the new DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) engine, showing Honda’s improvement from the single type to the dual type. Sure, this bike has undergone a lot of changes since the first launch in 2004, but not can beat the fact that Honda has stepped up higher in the engine section.


The Updates

Aside from the fact that Honda has stepped up the game to the DOHC engine, they also accompany it with the existence of electric start unit. The main purpose of Honda to come with the engine arrangement is to deliver more power, focusing on the higher end. And with the addition of the electric starter, you can tell that operating this bike will be a breeze. Aside from those changes, there are also visible updates covering the separate exhaust processing system, from the bike’s port to the muffler.


About the Bike

If you read 2018 Honda CRF250R review, you will see that nothing much has changes, except the fact that the bike still retains some of the strength from the 2017 model. After all, the 2017 model was all-new with the best technologies ever. In fact, because of its impressive quality and handle, the 2017 model has become one of the best sale items within the past year.


For this 2018 model, some of the minor changes are happening. For instance, the SFF triple fork is now replaced by the A Kit Showa 49mm spring fork. Other updates include the downdraft intake, the body work that is based on the CRF450R, the new frame, and also titanium fuel tank. Honda is confident enough that all of the changes and updates they have been doing will significantly improve the function and work of their CRF250F model for the 2018.


Some of the Visible Changes

If we are talking about some of the most apparent updates, we should start from the engine. Based on 2018 Honda CRF250R review, the new engine has a better power delivery with amazing output. In fact, when you try to compare it to other lines, you won’t be able to find it. The strong delivery with the smooth effect is likable. This kind of arrangement works best with the higher power torque and outcome. The mid range is also okay although the low power is still poor – Honda seriously needs to address it. However, most riders like this new arrangement because they are mostly working with the higher rpm so it suits their needs – not to mention that the result is super powerful.


The bottom end power is somewhat weak and mellow but the throttle response is impressive and snappy. It definitely helps when you have to deal with soft corners and you need to accelerate fast to be out of it. With Honda’s signature skill is on the smooth shifting, you can expect an improved performance with this one. With the clutch pull being smooth and easy, you have a very nice bike as a whole.


By reading the 2018 Honda CRF250R review, you can tell that the new bike has better and also higher over rev system, allowing you to have easy momentum maintenance. You don’t even have to bother shifting when going up any hills and facing big jumps at the same time. It will be super easy and also super smooth.


Another thing to like about this 2018 model is the three different map settings. The first map is the stock, while the second map is the smooth. The third map is the aggressive one. Each of them has their own strength and downside. Map one, for instance, has impressive top end but mellow bottom end. It is the contrary to map three, with better bottom end and less powerful top end. The map two is mellow, not suitable for deep riding condition and setting. If you are a rider looking for fast performance and you like spending your time on the upper power, this bike will suit you the most. Not to mention that the new DOHC engine is able to significantly improve the quality and also power output from the SOHC unit.

Another apparent change is about the suspension. The fact that Honda is using the new Show spring fork is a definite improvement, creating a fine and smooth balance between performance and comfort. It definitely improves the handle and the track feel, as well as increasing grip and absorbance.


Final Conclusion

In the end, you can feel that the bike is fun and nimble, offering better control and also comfort. Is it able to deal with straight line? Yes, it is. Is it able to handle jumps and bumps? Yes, it is. Those are the reasons why the 2018 Honda CRF250R review is mostly positive.
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2018 Honda CRF250R Review: What to Expect from the Bike
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