2018 Freeride KTM E-XC: The Improved Power and Performance


If you think that electric motorcycle is going to be the next future vehicle, then you should consider having 2018 Freeride KTM E-XC which is claimed to come with better performance, improved power, and higher creation. Is it as good as promised? Is it as reliable as claimed? Wejust have to wait and see.


The Future Plans

KTM is betting on their future with the launch of another Freeride E line. When they did it back in 2014, they had made quite an improvement. And so far, the company claims that they have sold around 3,000 items. The company also claims that they have been the biggest manufacturer (in terms of electric motorcycle) in the world. And it is a good thing that they are going to launch the second generation of the Freeride E line as their upcoming 2018 model.


So far, the company has confirmed their upcoming plan for their 2018 Freeride KTM E-XC model. Besides giving information about the progress they have done within the past years, they also confirm their upcoming production for E-XC. For the new model, there are going to be a lot of changes happening to the motorcycle so you can cross your fingers and expect for the best.


The Overall Changes

It is a sure thing that the new 2018 Freeride KTM E-XC will be developed into a series line, not just designed for fun or play anymore. The new model is claimed to come with better and bigger power so if you have been hoping to get bigger strength, the 2018 model will be your best option.

Freeride KTM E-XC
Freeride KTM E-XC


In terms of power, the new model will be packed with new battery. Sony is responsible for the production whereas the previous one was using the battery from Samsung. For this new battery, you can expect an increased power up to 50%. With 3.9 kWh rate, you can use the motorcycle for 1.5 hours to 2 hours. But then again, the electric power depends on various factors, such as the mode being used, the rider’s aggressive riding method, the terrain, and the size (and also weight) of the rider. If you compare the power to the gas bike, it has 25 hp of power with 42 Nm of torque.


The new model also comes with regen feature, available in the mellow ride style. Regen is the feature to regenerate the electricity so it can be put back to the battery. This bike alone comes with three riding modes, which gives you a flexible riding easiness. With such a versatile option, you can really have an enjoyable time using the bike. The three modes are Standard, Mellow, and Sport. The regen feature is only available in the Mellow style, designed to add engine brake that is detrimental to the extreme ride.


Some Changed, Some Stayed

Not all parts of the 2018 are updated and changed. The chassis, for instance, won’t be changed or updated. It still comes made from combination of part aluminum and steel, along with the composite subframe. The company itself is a huge believer in steel chassis so why would they decide to add the aluminum section within their creation, anyway? The company believes that the combination of the two would deliver the most satisfying outcome and performance. You see, the steel chassis is good for positive flex and comfort but the aluminum will stiff up the area of the battery. If the company uses all and complete steel frame, it will move too much (and too excessively) for the battery. This is definitely not the most ideal plan for them.

Suspension and Effect

For the suspension, the 2018 Freeride KTM E-XC will be using the Xplor WP shock and fork which have been included within the XC-W and also EXC-F models. The team didn’t mention the size so let’s assume that they are using different platform and arrangement. However, they did say that they are using the closed cartridge split function fork along with the compression damp. It will work on the top fork tube and rebound on another one. It is highly possible that the PDS shock is the same with the one installed on the XC-W and EXC-F types.


Because of the improved feature, KTM is trying to fix what was wrong and lacking from the previous model. The previous one was claimed to have problems in the performance so the new one will have an improved feature. The new model will also have an improved braking power through the brake component upgrade. It can be done by adding the MX front fender, wider bar, front light/mask, and also KTM’s standard handguard. Because of these additions, this motorcycle is no longer a playbike because it has been upgraded to a serious offroad item.


So, what else about this electric motorcycle that you can expect? Well, the company plans to start production around January 2018 so availability should follow soon. Although they haven’t said anything about the 2018 Freeride KTM E-XC price, it is predicted that price starts from $8,000.

2018 Freeride KTM E-XC: The Improved Power and Performance
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