2018 Beta 300 RR Review: Some of the Expected Changes


Based on 2018 Beta 300 RR review, the company is able to show improvement and development through their new design and creation – and you can see the example from this line. Even with white and red frame plastic part, this offroad motorcycle is looking super sleek and stylish. After all, it is a good thing that Beta is getting more productive over the last few years – and it is also a good thing that they are able to make some significant changes for the ride. It seems that the more racing events happening within the last years have created a bigger impact to the production of the unit.


About the RR 300

This Italian offroad company is able to make some impressive updates and changes to their lines. And with this two stroke production, you can be sure about the quality of the ride. After all, with some updates and upgrades, you can expect the RR 300 to have a better performance and greater grip.


So, what can you expect from this new line, after all? If you read the 2018 Beta 300 RR review, you can see that this new unit is lighter than the previous one – try 10 pounds lighter. This is definitely a new kind of achievement considering that Beta products have never been quite near to being light or whatsoever before. Although Beta doesn’t say from which part they have shed the pounds, it seems that it is the new frame is being responsible for the reduction. After all, the bike comes with new cylinder and updated operating clutch to create smoother performance and faster response.


Naturally, not all parts are being updated or changed because Beta decided that they will keep some of the parts to remain the same. They are focusing on the unique feature, and one of them is the oil injection. Because of this feature, you won’t need any premixing use. With this machine, you can enjoy the straight gas with the two strokes premix oil. With the new premix feature, you are using less oil, enabling you to save up oil. The engine can change the amount of oil for throttle opening for per rpm usage. The suspension alone remains the same, still with Sachs shock and 48mm Sachs USD fork. Of course, the main reason for Beta to keep this feature is because they believe that it is still handy and responsive so you can be sure about the overall quality of the ride. So, don’t be negative when reading 2018 Beta 300 RR review.

Beta 300 RR
Beta 300 RR


The Overall Performance on the Terrain

The bike needs warming up a bit but when you hit the gas, you will see the smoke coming out of the engine. You can also see that the engine gives up a little shake and vibration. You can feel the vibration from the peg, not too much from bar parts. It doesn’t mean that the bike is shaky; it just vibrates. And if you don’t mind a little shake then you won’t have problems with it. From 2018 Beta 300 RR review, a lot of people don’t really mind with the vibration, really.


One of the most visible things about this new model is the suspension which feels more solid and sturdier so it creates a less bouncy effect when compared to last year’s unit. Beta seems to make a change in the stiffness of the suspension by making it stiffer for the sake of performance. But people may have different preference and like because it feels too stiff for casual driving although it is great for bumpy terrain. Moreover, if you allow yourself some time, you will get used to it – and you won’t mind with the stiff suspension. In the overall sense, the suspension is quite nice and accommodating. It is right for offroad setting and you can expect improved performance from it. Naturally, spending hours on the bike will lead to uncomfortable result but then again, who would spend hours on the bike, anyway?


It is possible that the people at Beta are getting sick and tired of the most common complaint about the bike being too soft or mushy. Well, they make sure that they won’t make the same mistake this time so they decide to come with stiffer and more solid suspension. Along with this suspension, you can also expect stiffer shock but it doesn’t come with excessive bouncy feel or too much rebound system. It seems like a good idea that Beta finally comes with this new setup because it goes along with the riders and also the race.


The Overall Conclusion

The new bike has new cylinder but it doesn’t change the bike drastically. However, once you ride it on, you can feel the difference. The power is easy and smooth, and you can expect a punchier performance in the end. What is your decision after you have read the 2018 Beta 300 RR review?

2018 Beta 300 RR Review: Some of the Expected Changes
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  1. I have a 16′ 250rr and bought a 18′ 250rr, and at first they seem the same but after riding the new bike does everything better, runs stronger turns better, suspension seems better out of the box also.

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