2017 TM MX 300Fi Four Stroke: The Overall Goodness


There are a lot of special thing for 2017 TM MX 300Fi four stroke bike. It is unique and yet it also comes with the unique arrangement with the swapped airbox and tank layout. The origin of the business started when the factory didn’t make a bike until an order came to them, and the customer had to pay the MSRP. So, does it mean that the bike was handmade? Yes, it was. That’s why the bike was considered rare and also different – in terms that it doesn’t go with the mainstream design.


About the Bike

The unusual thing about 2017 TM MX 300Fi four stroke started when the company introduced this line. Although some people may have heard about the four stroke 300cc, still….it is not something you see on the standard everyday case.


For a starter, the design of the 2017 model comes with an inspired Yamaha-based design where the airbox is located on the upper side of the front seat while the gas tank is on the back, under the seat. It is a swapped design that seems to affect the overall performance and output of the machine. The throttle body, however, remains the cylinder where the exhaust system is coming out from the front side of the machine.

TM MX 300Fi
TM MX 300Fi

Thanks to the odd layout of the tank, the shock comes with a unique configuration along with a direct front side reservoir – unlike the other bikes with their off the side layout. With the coil spring KYB fork with adjustment compression and bottom rebound, you should be able to see and also feel the difference.


Does it feel different from the design and feel? You can say so. The aluminum frame has somewhat retro Honda feel, but the tester rider claimed that the bike did have its own Honda’s feel for riding position and also rider geometry, which can be unusual for the Euro small batch bikes. And the fact that 250and 300 powerplant can be quite different, except for the clutch, it makes the process of finding the match quite difficult.


However, TM is able to pull it through. The 300Fi is the bike within TM’s variant with gear box six speed arrangement. The electric start is also available, along with the kickstarter lever. The brakes are the combination of front Brembo brake and Nissan rear brake. The company believes that it is the best arrangement that they can come with.


The Real Deal on Track

Now that you have known the details of 2017 TM MX 300Fi four stroke construction, such a technical terms won’t be any good without the real implementation and the real practice. Despite the unique arrangement and the unusual construction, this ride has its own comfortable feel. It feels slim and sleek, with a little rounder design when compared to other 2017 models. But the seat and the way it feels for the rider is comfortable and it feels just right.


Starting off is easy, just push the electric button and voila! You are ready for some action. The engine has this smooth, hearty, and broad power – and surprisingly, the noise isn’t loud or disturbing. Torque power is accommodating and nice. This one may not have enough throttle response, but TM is able to make it up through enough torque. It may not have the fast hit revving ability but it has a nice pulling and grunt power, starting from the bottom to the middle, and it continues to the top end.

TM MX 300Fi
TM MX 300Fi

Despite all the great power and advantages, the engine braking feels apparent with heavy and tightness flywheel sensation. When the gas is active, the pulling power feels responsive enough but once the throttle power has been closed, the bike feels quite heavy. It has a slightly slow motor and it doesn’t feel light at all. But on the positive side, the strength is far greater than the downsides.


When we are talking about suspension, it is likely that both the back and front area are under sprung. But it can be managed with only several clicks that will handle the setting quite nice. With the combination of high speed compression on the shock, the stroke is able to stay high without compromising traction and also comfort.  That’s how the 2017 TM MX 300Fi four stroke feels on the good side.


The Good and Bad

Naturally, there are some things to like about this bike. Powerful motor with full torque system is one of the things to like about this bike. With the combination of TM shock and KYB coil spring fork, the ride feels balanced and smooth. In the overall sense, this is a fun unit with enjoyable system. However, the price tag is a bit disappointing. Not to mention that it has slow and retro revving feel that affects a small comfort area of the bike. But you can be sure that this 2017 TM MX 300Fi four stroke is a promising ride.

2017 TM MX 300Fi Four Stroke: The Overall Goodness
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