2017 TM EN 300 Fi Review: The Unique Trait and Strength


One of the things that stand out from 2017 TM EN 300 Fi review is the price. It is the first thing that everyone sees and reads – ad it stands for a good reason, after all. It is quite rare for any offroad bike to come with a sticker price over $10,000 but it what happens to this bike. When compared to others, especially the ones that offer flexible operation and regular street ride, this one seems too much and too expensive – considering that it doesn’t come with any license plate or whatsoever.


But then again, you should remember that such a price tag comes with a reasonable reason. With a tag price almost reaching $11,000, you will expect a lot from it – and you will have it. You get what you pay for and this is exactly the case with this bike. There are several combinations that make this bike expensive. Starting from labor intensive and hands on work (include in the manufacturing process), the R&D powerplant, and also the four stroke 300cc engine. Do you still need more reasons for the ride?


What to Expect from 300 Fi?

So, what can you expect from this blue engine, anyway? For a starter, you get a pretty and neat bike with such loads of money. Taking a look at the 2017 TM EN 300 Fi review, the handsome quality also plays a part in the rather high price tag. Not to mention that this bike comes with its own unique feature and design, which is visible from the switched air box and tank. However, despite the switch, the fuel and air mixture will still flow from the back to the cylinder. The placement is different than before because the gas cap is located on the left shroud, not behind the regular handlebar.


With the combination of nice speed and six speed transmission, you can expect the best. It gives you a solid and fast performance while giving you the flexibility to tackle the corners and turns. What about the suspension? There is the dual spring KYB 48 with inhouse TM shock. Not to mention that there is an electric starter that makes everything easier. It serves as a backup, actually. And let’s not forget about its fuel injected choke – pretty handy when you want to make your bike jump.


When we are talking about the overall appearance of the bike, you can see that this bike is truly a good looking one. It comes packing with impressive and stylishly detailed headlights. Sure, you won’t be using your bike at night but having the headlights can offer a peace of mind, especially when you stray off the course and have to go back home late. The latter one may not be the most common case, but who knows, right?

TM EN 300 Fi
TM EN 300 Fi

Boost of Power

If you read 2017 TM EN 300 Fi review , you will also learn other detailed parts about the bike. Unlike the other bikes with their four stroke and small bore power, which is generally snappier and faster, this one comes with a rather different approach. It doesn’t mean that it lacks of power or whatsoever or the throttle response is lousy. But you have to keep in mind that this bike comes with somewhat more vintage and retro feel. When you compare it to the KX250F or YZ250F with their free revving features, this one is somewhat chuggier. It is not bad but it does take time for adjustment and getting use to.


The bottom power is somewhat having more torque – it has endless top pulling power on the top end. You can say that both the bottom and top power are great, but not so with the midrange. When you are dealing with the rather tricky field and terrain, you will be using more low-end power, which works just fine. But when you have a rather open field, and you want to make use of the midrange setting, it will immediate skip to the top power – which can be jumpy and surprising. If you aren’t used to the control, you may be dragged by your jumping bike.


And let’s not start with the noise. If you aren’t used to the noise, you would want to have an ear plug. It doesn’t mean that the sound if bad or annoying, but the intake noise can be intrusive and harsh – especially for those who aren’t used to it.


Based on 2017 TM EN 300 Fi review, the impressive engine is paired with a nice suspension, which is solid and firm – but not to the point of being too harsh or too firm. Having too soft suspension won’t do you any good in harsh and rough terrain, but having too stiff or too hard suspension can be a downgrade too. This one has a nice just-right suspension. If you want to know more about this bike, read 2017 TM EN 300 Fi review and gain new knowledge.

2017 TM EN 300 Fi Review: The Unique Trait and Strength
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