2017 Honda CRF450RX Review: The Impressive Power and Quality


Reading 2017 Honda CRF450RX review will give you the insight of how the line can be quite promising and powerful without overdoing it. The news about the CRF450RX has been anticipated by a lot of people. And it is Honda that makes the decision to have a combination bike, where they are basically making a motocross model with offroad parts. The idea is to improve the power and performance of the bike, especially on the wild – on the bumpy setting.


About the Bike

Based on the 2017 Honda CRF450RX review, the bike has the new parts for the R engines on the intake downdraft layout, designed to boost air charge ability and also efficiency. As if it weren’t enough, they also make some updates on the combustion chamber along with higher compression piston. They are also decreasing the valve angle, using the rocker finger arm so the bike can get an improved valve lift, as well as updating valve springs coils to achieve a lower and reduced engine temperature with oval cross sections.


Those minor changes aren’t enough because they have more layouts and plans in mind. The port layout is new with straight and better airflow, designed to increase efficiency. The piston pin DLC as well as te rocker arm are improved to fight off friction. They are also planning on a dual compact muffler design along with the gradual bending on the pipe for smoother flow on the exhaust. The clutch assembly is shallow with thicker but fewer plates designed for narrow engine width.


But what makes this bike a standout hybrid unit is the revised ignition map, 18 inch wheel for the back, electric start, revised shock setting as well as the fork. All of them are designed to have smoother power outcome, improved preload, decreased damping rebound, lower oil level, and also lighter rear side spring. To top it off, Honda is installing the 2.25 gallon of fuel capacity, along with better upper engine mount, plastic skid plate, and also better tires.

Honda CRF450RX
Honda CRF450RX

Engine Sector

For the engine, there hasn’t much change to expect from the bike as this unit has been known for its impressive and powerful ability. With great throttle response, you will feel as if you had enough. And it is probably is. It has aggressive torque on the low end that will prevent the rear wheel from spinning excessively in the dry area but it helps dealing with flowy and tight course. Pulling the gear while transitioning to the top power is great – and it feels smooth and somewhat soft.


If you read the 2017 Honda CRF450RX review, the great thing about this bike is the fact that the bike has enough power without using the clutch or fanning it too much. It feels great in the third gear, making the rider comfy on the gear without forcing him to downshift. Honda is doing a great job in making sure that the CRF450RX stays within its riding ability and comfort. Whether you have mild or aggressive riding style, you should feel just fine and comfortable with the bike.


Suspension Sector

When Honda claimed that they were using the Showa front fork 49mm, a lot of people were worried that suspension would be too soft and too mushy. It turns out that it allows free stroke in the most flexible way without compromising the damping system. Somehow, the end stroke feels soft without having to excessively hitting the bottom. This is a great damping feature that helps the rider control the move without sacrificing comfort and also use. You need to remember, though, that each click will make a significant difference on the fork and how it turns out on the performance sector. So, be careful in making the adjustment. If you do have to make adjustment, do it per click and see how it works for you.


Chassis Sector

The stability on the straight line is somewhat predictable – you won’t have to worry that it may goes out of the way. It handles speed quite well and it is super comfy on whatever setting and condition of the course. When done perfectly, the adjustment on the chassis won’t affect the cornering skill and ability. Tight turns feel light and easily tackled with this bike, just like the R line is capable of.


Another thing to like is the feel that leaning, turning, and making tight corners can be easily achieved with this bike – well, at least that’s what 2017 Honda CRF450RX review says. Although this unit is bulkier than the R line because of the tank/shroud design but you won’t feel the difference when cornering.


Don’t you love it to have a hybrid bike that has multifunctional abilities on the trails and tracks? With such a promising bike with impressive performance and features, can you imagine all the great things you can do? Based on 2017 Honda CRF450RX review, the bike can really deliver its own fun to the rider.


2017 Honda CRF450RX Review: The Impressive Power and Quality
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