2017 Honda CRF250R Review: Viewing the Strength


If you read 2017 Honda CRF250F review, you’d know that there won’t be any changes or updates happening for the 2017 model. The strength and ability will be the same as the 2016 model because Honda is completely focusing on producing 2017 CRF450R. But don’t you worry as the CRF250R will be updated for the 2018 model – that is, if you don’t mind waiting for the changes.


However, not many people mind about it, considering that the CRF250F has been proven to be one of the best in the industry – shown in their second position of 250 MX Shootout 2016. Then again, you can still expect the same power, strength, and feature for the 2017 model, considering all of the promising features and abilities.


What to Expect?

Since Honda decided that they won’t be making anything new, they have focused on the improved outcome and power. The engineers have made several changes, decided to increase the output. The changes themselves cover the connecting rod as well as the new piston. They are more lightweight to increase the feel of freer ability and more flexible handle. Not to mention that the compression ratio of the piston has changed to 13.8 – from the previous 13.5.


According to 2017 Honda CRF250F review, the minor changes cover different exhaust and intake port shape and also titanium exhaust valves for improved flow. Different spec camshaft along with improved valve lift is a part of the change, and also with shift drum stopper with additional roller bearing for better shift under load. Minor changes also include revised muffler outlets with bigger diameter and also inboard resonator exhaust for a better low end torque. As if it weren’t enough, the airboot is also changed for better airflow along with bigger left radiator so the cooling ability will be better.

Honda CRF250F
Honda CRF250F

Revisions on the chassis include new bracket footpeg design that is designed to repel mud better, longer fork, additional adjustment for the third air pressure (whose outer chamber comes with control bottoming with the air), better inner fork seal, and also improved fork damping adjusters with eight clicks a rotation now.


Honda may feel that they may do much for the 2017 model but it you think of it, they are doing quite impressive work by focusing on the small details. Yes, the minor changes are small but they can affect the overall feel of the bike as well as the handle (and also control). And based on the 2017 Honda CRF250F review, the shock and fork damping settings have been revised, along with the reduction in the diameter to the chain roller. The previous one was 38mm but now it is 34mm.


Engine Power

Honda had done changes and improvements on the engine section in 2016, so you can expect the 2017 model to still retain the same advantages. The throttle power and response are crisp and clean, with strong bottom end power. When facing the tight corners, it has better pull and somewhat feels solid. Sure, the torque pull may not be as good or smooth as expected but this bike still does very well on the tighter tracks and trickier setting. The mid range ability is quite superb and impressive, pushing the engine to pull quite well while compromising a little bit of torque effect when in the higher rpm.


Some Compromises

Not everything is super perfect, as happening to the gear. The second gear is able to pull far but the third one is shorter. When you are using the stock gear, you may feel like you may want to shift as soon as possible to the fourth gear because of the shorter shift. If you want to stick to the third gear, that’s up to you but most riders would further right away to the fourth. As the conclusion, the gear and the top end power would be impressive when you can do the shift properly, allowing you to pull further before it starts revving out. Too bad that the top end power will lose its momentum pretty quickly when it starts revving out. At least that’s what said on the 2017 Honda CRF250F review.


Other Improvements

There are also some improvements on the TAC Showa air fork, which had been a bit complicated at the last model. But somehow it feels good for CRF250R for 2017 model when compared to other forks. By changing the stock setting, it feels more comfortable. The bike’s stability on the straight line is pretty good although it is a bit twitchy during high speed. But when dealing with the corners, this bike feels effortless and better.


In the end, you can still expect a punch of power with solid feel and impressive performance with this bike. If you want a bike with combination of power and comfort, you should read 2017 Honda CRF250F review because you have the right option.

2017 Honda CRF250R Review: Viewing the Strength
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