2017 Honda CRF250L Rally Review: The Specialty of ‘Rally’ Name


By reading 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally review, you will get more insight, information, and knowledge about this dirt bike. When you take a look at the name, you probably have your own thinking or imagination but there are several cool facts that most people don’t know about this line.


The Facts about CRF250L Rally

Yes, it has the name ‘Rally’ in it but this bike is actually designed as the offroad adventure bike, not for rally. The name is inspired and taken from CRF450 Rally name. So, there goes your first fact about the bike. So, what is the use of this bike, anyway? Although it isn’t designed as a rally bike, it is created as a solid, trusted, and tough adventure bike – perfect for long distance touring, weekend outdoor adventure, and even daily use for your transportation. Can you picture yourself with this bike to work? Why not? After all, the bike is super handsome and good looking – it will definitely turn heads along the way. Most buyers and users have stated positive feedbacks and 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally review stating that the Rally is super confident and feels solid when driven around.


The History in the Making

The first CRF250L was introduced back then in 2013. Despite its flexibility to be used on the street as well as on the course, a lot of bikers prefer it on the course. The signature characteristics are the soft suspension with mellow power and considerable weight. That’s what makes this bike ideal for the sandy terrain as well as the street. But if you are looking for the super punchy and powerful bike, be ready to be disappointed because you won’t get such a thing.


The problem doesn’t lie in CRF250L but partly on Honda and on us. Honda created this bike in such a similar design as the CRF-F lines – that’s why we expect too much from it. And the mistake we make is that we forget that this CRF250L is different from the CRF-F but we just don’t want to give it away and forget it. We should also remember that from the terms of price alone, everything has been different.


And let’s not forget that there is CRF250L and CRF250L Rally, and we are going to talk about the latter one. Set with a price almost reading $6,000 – to be exact, it is around $5,866 – you can expect the standard one. If you are looking for the ABS variant, it is going to cost you $6,200. Based on 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally review, there have been several performance upgrades made to the bike. You can tell the difference between the regular and Rally because the parts are different in the tanks, shrouds, and also the wind screen or light or dash with frame mounted design.

Honda CRF250L Rally
Honda CRF250L Rally

The Overall Feel and Performance

Once you hop on the bike, you will be entertained with all of the great things this bike has. It is such a surprise how lightweight this adventure bike feels – especially if you have had your shares with other adventure bikes before. It is easy to ride, even to the fun level. Dealing with turns and corners are simple – no wonder if Honda is super confident about their bike being used on the road.


If you read 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally review, it is the shrouds and windscreen that make the difference in the fun factor. They contribute to the easiness of ride. When you combine the riding fun and the bigger tank (so you won’t have to worry about the fuel whenever you have a touring trip), this bike is definitely a winner. What’s nice about this bike is the flexibility in using the power distribution. You can have a relaxed ride on the street and you can have a bit boost of power when going on to the wild.


Here’s a surprising fun fact: the regular CRF250L is actually better for the offroad use than the Rally line. If you are going to get down and dirty in the dirt, mud, and sand, the regular is actually a better option. With the shorter seat, compact chassis, and lightweight feature, you can actually have more fun with the regular one. But then again, if you are looking for a flexible ride whose purpose and functionality can be switched around, the Rally would be the ideal option.


After all, if you really want to have a cool urban transportation with higher seat (designed to provide the best view from various angle), the Rally is the better pick. Not to mention that the soft suspension is able to soak up and absorb the bumpy setting and harsh road condition.


In the end, it is up to you to decide which line to choose. But if you are looking for a flexible ride with high functionality, you know what to pick from 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally review you have read.

2017 Honda CRF250L Rally Review: The Specialty of ‘Rally’ Name
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