2017 Big 6 Prospectors West Coast Grand Prix


Zach Bell might not get the usual support and assistance from his professional team but it wasn’t a problem for the young rider as he managed to win the Big 6 Maxxis Grand Prix Series.


It was the seventh round from the eight racing series, and most of the crews of Honda Ox Motorsports had been busy preparing the Baja 1000 pre-running in two weeks. Bell had to call in a favor from friends and families, and it was a good thing that he had a lot of them to back him up. It wasn’t a problem that the Honda’s crews had been busy since Bell got a more up close and personal supports for the Annual 32nd California GP for Buddy Goosen Memorial, which took place from the 4th to the 5th of November at the MX Quail Canyon Park. Prospectors M.C. were hosting the event that time.


Bell proved that the star of the show remained the rider and his skill, showing impressive result by achieving another win – it was his fourth. The event was important as it also features Big 6 AMA WCGP (West Coast Grand Prix) series.


It wasn’t an easy winning, as usual, because Bell had to compete against Trevor Stewart from Honda JCR (Johnny Campbell Racing) team and Eric Yorba from KTM Maxxis/FMF Racing team. In fact, there was a time when Bell had to pit before them and they had successfully passed him by. Good thing that Bell still had his skills that he was able to catch up and finished first. The time gap between the three was only nine seconds so it was a pretty close call.


So far, Bell was able to lead the series with 29 points ahead of Stewarts. It was a pretty solid and good starting point for the series finale, which takes place next month. With Bell having 184 points and Stewart 155, the young rider was pretty optimistic. Justin Seeds, from Kawasaki Precision Concepts is on the third spot with 121. For the race, he was finishing on the fourth spot while Yorba takes the fourth place with a total point of 116. Both of them have been strong competitors for Bell but they won’t be able to outrun Bell and win the first spot.


For Bell himself, everything had been running good. With his trusted CRF450RX, he wouldn’t worry about anything, not even the race. With such a comfortable point result, the rider doesn’t want to fret of anything useless. He just wants to have fun for the rest of the race and get a deeper insight about the off-road condition. With his next year’s plan, including some WORCS works, they are open to every option and then figure it out which one works the best.


Bell was grateful that his skills didn’t disappoint. With the fact that he is used to shorter race, 35 minutes moto, and the race had been 90 minutes long, he was feeling lucky enough to be able to win it. After a pretty good start, he had been doing fine until he had to pit. We waited patiently for them to pit so he could take over and win.


For Stewart, it was good that his pit was smooth and quick. He saw the chances to pass Bell but he couldn’t just make it. For Yorba, being able to close on Stewart took a lot of efforts. The fact that Bell and Stewart managed to put a significant gap on him before he closed in, and resulted in only 9 seconds of time gap, showed his determination.


Seeds came in the fourth place, followed by Beau Baron. Clay Hengeveld was on the sixth position, followed by Ryan Reina on the seventh, Chance Fullerton on the eighth, Nick Stover on the ninth, and Jake Alvarez to round up top ten counts.

2017 Big 6 Prospectors West Coast Grand Prix
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