2 Cycle Oil Mix Ratio Chart Functions and Why It Has Different Charts


Why is it important to know about the 2 cycle oil mix ratio chart? Not many people know this, but you really need to mix oil to the gas so it helps lubricate the internal parts and prevent excessive friction which can lead to internal overheat. Of course, you can always mix everything on your own preference, but then again, you can’t be sure about the safety of the mixture. What if the mixture goes wrong and it blows up?

Making the Ratio Simple

2 Cycle Oil Mix Ratio Chart Functions
2 Cycle Oil Mix Ratio Chart Functions

The 2 cycle oil mix ratio chart is available for download or view – and you can find them at any motorbike’s website. The chart is designed to help those having to pre mix the gas and oil together. As you can guess, the mix ratio is the exact calculation of gas proportion to oil. If you see such a ratio like 40:1, it means that the mixture has 40 parts of gas and 1 part of oil. For those who don’t have any interest in the motorbike world, such information may not be important. But you have no idea how crucial it is to know the basic facts.

You probably have seen several different ratios, and you get lost. Don’t be. You see, there are the standard mix ratio and some special ratios, depending on the brands. The standard mix is the one generally used, while the special ratios depend on the products – some products are thin while some are thick. Some have extra substances while some don’t.

Let’s say that the standard mix ratio is 40:1. But when you use product A, it becomes 70:1 or it becomes 40:2 when you use product B. Depending on the types of gas and oil, you should get different results. Product A may require higher proportion than the standard measurement. While in product B, it is the oil product that requires more oil mixture. In most cases, these gas or oil manufacturers always include their own ratio in the manual or the product label. You want to choose a product that includes such information because you don’t want to make mistakes when mixing. Stay away from products without the info, no matter how cheap it is. You don’t want to risk your safety.

Consulting the Chart

Although the 2 cycle oil mix ratio chart is important and it helps to make proper mixing, there are some things that you can do to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Some products, for instance, has the content to combat carbon, which can reduce wear during use. It will enhance the strength and maximum power of the machine. The products can also cut off costs, which will lead to better saving of your money.

2 Cycle Oil Mix Ratio
2 Cycle Oil Mix Ratio

Besides using the chart, it would be better if you can do a thorough research of the products you are going to use. Doing extensive research of the best gas or the best oil will help. At least you can focus on the premium quality that will ensure your safety and the long lasting of the engine.

As it was mentioned before, always, always, and always choose the products that include the ratio information so you won’t make any mistake. Any manufacturer that doesn’t include such information is only interested in making money without paying attention to the customers’ safety. And you want to stay away from such manufacturers.

Final Words

In the end, it is important to pay attention to your safety and the quality of the products. Be sure to browse info and products carefully and thoroughly. It would be helpful if you can also save the 2 cycle oil mix ratio chart for precaution.


2 Cycle Oil Mix Ratio Chart Functions and Why It Has Different Charts
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